101 Indications That You May Be A Member Of The Nuthouse- It was bound to happen, and thanks to alphabetical ordering, it's right at the top of the page. How handy. by Craig Orkwis and Paul Serena

101 More Reasons Robb Might Have Fallen off the Face of the Planet- I think the title sums it up fairly well. See the original Robb list below. by Robb McKinney

101 More Ways to Be Annoying
- A follow-up to the list of 101 ways to be annoying that has been sent to countless people via e-mail. I think that these are actually better. But that's just me, and I could be wrong- nah, not really. by Robb McKinney

101 Stylish and Original Ways to End Your Own Existence on Earth and Send Your Soul to A Burning Eternity in Hell- I can't really elaborate on this much more. The title's about it. by Robb McKinney

101 Reasons Why It’s Better to Be a Woman Than a Guy- Robb says: "The other day, I was sent a little “list” saying why it is so much better to be a guy than a woman.  Well, I wasn’t about to stand for that!  As all my male friends can tell you, they would much rather have a nice, plump bosom than an obnoxious penis – but ah, well. So Tony (yes, I know, Anthony was funny!) cranked out this list last night. So there." by Robb McKinney and Anthony Abbott

101 Reasons Why It's Not Cheating- Also known as 101 reasons why Nick and Robb will be single by the end of the month. by Robb McKinney and Nick Spacek

101 Reasons Why We Think Robb Has Fallen Off the Face of the Planet- We have no heard from the illustrious Mr. McKinney in well over six months. The following may have happened to him. by Paul Serena, Nick Spacek, Sean Brimer, Craig Orkwis, and Tanya Woolery

101 Things to Never, Ever, Say to Your Girlfriend- This is not a list. This a public service announcement to prevent men from repeating our mistakes. by Nick, Paul, Craig, Sean, Robyn, Doug, Roy, Kate, Sarah, and Katja

101 Ways to Be Annoying IV- The list returneth. People should be really annoyed and pissed off by now- at least if we here at the Nuthouse have done our job right. by Robb McKinney

101 Ways to Be Annoying V- From the mouth of Robb- "You’re right, I did say that the last one would be just that. Ah, well, fuck you." by Robb McKinney

101 Ways to Be Annoying VI- the Final Nightmare- That's it. Robb's not allowed to make any more lists. I promise. by Robb McKinney

101 Ways To Make High School Basketball a More Interesting Sport- Fairly self-explanatory. I'd go to more games- or at least pay more attention to them- if these were the rules. by Paul Serena and Craig Orkwis

101 Ways to Tell You Need to Move Out of Your Parent's Basement- We may be geeks, but it took four of us to get all of these examples. If you get more than ten matches, you need to think about moving out and finding a girlfriend. Well, you just need to do that in the first place if you're playing on this site. by Nick Spacek and Craig Orkwis

101 Ways To Tell That You're A College Student Living On Your Own- After typing all that, I refuse to eleborate any further. by Robb McKinney

A Few Points For Women To Ponder- Robb wrote this for his human sexuality class. No word yet on the fallout, 'although Robb is still having to look out for packages that tick. by Robb MckInney

All I Need to Know about Life I Learned from James Bond Movies- The title is what is is. Fuck kindergarten, if you're a real man, these should be your credo. These are the rules by which to live your life. by Robb McKinney

Another 101 Ways to Be Annoying- Yet more ways to be an asshole. And a new twist is added by notations of the people who inspire them. by Paul Serena

Berenstein Bear Books That the Censors Got to Before You Ever Saw Them- Beren-STEIN. World War II. Think about it for a bit. Then after you come up blank, click the damn link and read. by Paul Serena

Collaboration- Things you could expect to see if Jerry Bruckheimer, John Woo, and James Cameron collaborated to make an action adventure movie. by Robb McKinney

Coupons I Wish They Would Put In the Entertainment Booklet- These are evil, and very useful and needful if you are a regular peruser of the contents of this website. by Gina DiSalvo

The Evening's Pretty Much Over When Your Date...- Self explanatory list of things that may herald a bad date. by Robb McKinney

Fun At Taco Bell- Basically, ways to be annoying and wreak havok at Taco Hell- er, Bell. We at Nuthouse Productions take no responsibility for what may happen if you do any of the things on the list. They'll get you in trouble- not that you won't have fun. by Robb McKinney

The Gods of College Life- All of the powers on high which are prayed to nightly by those in the realm of higher education. by Robb McKinney

How the Playground Prepares You for Life in General- Written one evening during spring break at Lost 80 Park in Lansing, my hometown. Brought about by smoking and hanging about on the merry-go-round. That generally makes you get all philosophical and shit. by Craig Orkwis and Nick Spacek

The Less-Than-Wholesome Adventures of Amelia Bedilia-   Remember "Amelia Bedilia"?  Kids' books about this kooky weird maid...  Since Paul now works in a book store, he's been seing a lot of these in the kids section when he stocks and noticed how dull and cushy the titles were.  Theyve been spiced up a bit. by Paul Serena

Misc. Quotes for Every Topic- Quotes from sources as varied as the Blues Brothers to the Rubaiyat of Omar Kayam. Use them for you e-mail tags. It gives people something to think about, and with the right quote, you can seem much more intelligent than you actually are. collected by Rob McKinney and Nick Spacek

Misc. Top Tens- What the title says. by Robb McKinney

Never Do This- If you do these things, you will hurt very much bad. by Robb McKinney

Shit We Wrote On Robb's Moving Boxes- Rob moved to a new apartment. We helped him pack. And labeled his boxes. He has lots of sick and weird stuff. We hope his neighbors called the cops. by Sean Brimer, Craig Orkwis, Paul Serena and Nick Spacek

Some Warning Signs That You May Be Married To A Contact Killer- Yes, you may in fact be married to a cleaner- and we aren't talking about someone who shampoos the carpet. by Robb McKinney

Top 10 Reasons Why I Can’t Get Married- Finally, some more female perspective. Granted, it's just about as odd and perverse as all the male stuff on the Nuthouse, but still has that feminine touch. by Courtney Keith

Top Ten Things I Will Someday Say To My Child That Will Make My Wife Leave Me- Robb was sitting around the other night...and was thinking about that day in the future... no, not the day when we have flying cars and crack is sold in vending machines...the other day.  The one far, far, FAR in the future when he is married and has kids. He then thought of what he would have to say to his kids to have his wife leave him. by Robb McKinney

Ways Sex Is Like Football- The titles on these lists are pretty obvious. I think I just write these descriptions here to give myself an excuse to skip homework. by Robb McKinney

Why Cigarettes Are Better Than Sex- Smoking good... sex good... smoking better than sex? I dunno... by Robb McKinney

Why Smokers Are Better- A short list about why those of us dedicated to pleasure from the almighty nicotine god are better than you health nuts. by Robb McKinney

Words of Wisdom for the Not-So-Wise- Just what it sounds like. These are actually pretty damn deep. Read them, abide by them, but don't think too hard or you'll get a headache. by Robb McKinney