Why Smokers Are Better
Smokers are more patient.  A non-smoker will gladly
take the first table available in a restaurant, but a
smoker will gladly wait 45 minutes for a table in
smoking to open up.

Smokers are tougher.  Non-smokers quickly run to get
out of the cold, rain, etc.  Smokers will stand out in
a blizzard to finish their Lucky Strike.

Smokers have better stick-to-itiveness than
non-smokers.  Non-smokers quit things all the time,
but smokers stick with things they start...like

Smokers never gripe about people not smoking, yet
non-smokers seem to take pleasure in reminding them
that they will die of cancer.

Smokers cannot wait to meet their Heavenly Father.
Non-smokers seem to want to live on earth forever!

Smokers are willing to put up with everything from
negative campaigning to eternally long plane flights
without a smoke.

Smokers are easy to shop for – cigarettes, ashtrays,
and lighters will make them all happy.

Smokers are more willing to expand their horizons – if
their favorite brand is unavailable, they will simply
take something else.  Non-smokers will drive twenty
minutes for their favorite brand of wheat bread.

Smokers support the American tradition and pride of
the tobbacco industry, while non-smokers seem to want
to see the industry fold and its dependants homeless
on the street, and their children eating rat meat.

At least they aren’t hooked on crack.