Shit We Wrote
On Rob's Moving Boxes
Well, had you been there for any of the ox packing, you would have seen that my friends could not just label things as they were.  They marked everything with simply, um, INSANE things.  Here is a brief list...

Robb likes cock!

Stuff to throw away (on my Mac box)

Kitchen shit and Kindred's dignity

Back stabbin' hos

Bits 'o' Kennedy

Tapes, CDs, amateur gay porn

1 cute redhead from Florida fo' sho'.

Out dated crap - give to needy friends AKA Sean (on my VCR)

Fragile psyche

Fragile Hmm...must be Italian.

6 badass motha fuckin' G's

Books...and some dry white toast.


Book of souls, misc. souls, pens, tape, Paul Serena,  God in a bottle so He may do no more harm

Cum-stained sheets, sheet stained cum, Limp Bizkit's drummer

Plush, tube socks, inflate-a-dates, bondage gear

More plush, guns, knives, misc implements of destruction

3,286 beef bullion cubes, 1 chocolate chip

Moldy cheese and hookers

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, asstd. other favorite things

Bunny heads, posies, LSD, 2 tennis balls

Kiddy porn (hide from Feds)

Mastabatory aids (AKA more kiddy porn)

Ping pong balls, toilet paper, cotton balls, feathers (on a box of books)


One cloned sheep

Fuckin' clams, man

Kinder egg toys, heavy artillery, 1 shrunken skeleton, lingerie, gay porn, one Cuban cigar (lit), car keys (to white Oldsmobile), Sean Brimer, love, Mr.  Goodbar, one M&M (brown), Heroin (for the kiddies), white Oldsmobile (matches keys), vials of ash (human, Jew), virgins (for loins, greasing of), Tony's personality, David Caruso's career, Craig's penis (unused, still in original wrapper), 1 dead rat, very bad things, the wind - the answers, my friend, blowing in the - also a candle in the

Princess Di (compressed, some assembly required)

Ash slightly damp (property of Kennedy family)

One Apocalyptical sign (#7 of 7)

Link (thought missing)

Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows (everywhere), dead  bodies (also everywhere)

So, this is why they are no longer my friends...