How the Playground Prepares You
Life in General 
The slide- You take all that time and effort to get to the top, only to slide right back down to where you started.

The merry-go-round- You go 'round and 'round in cirlces. You never really get anywhere, and you end up feeling nauseous.

The swings- Just like the merry-go-round, only back and forth. Also, whenever you get up really high, somebody makes you come down and play safe.

The teeter-totter- Always going up and down, you can always be kept hanging by somebody bigger than you.

The sandbox- No matter how good what you make is, it's only temporary. Somebody bigger and stronger than you will always come and knock it down.

And the playground also teaches you the following general life lessons-

-When you start having fun, it's always time to go home.

-The cool stuff is always taken by somebody, and it's always free when you have to leave.

-You never really appreciate anything until you're older, and then there's never enough time for the fun stuff.