The Less-Than-Wholesome Adventures of Amelia Bedilia

"Amelia Bedilia Finds Her Clitoris"
"Amelia Bedilia Buys a Gun"
"Amelia Bedilia Needs an Abortion!"
"Amelia Bedilia Builds a Meth Lab"
"Amelia Bedilia:  Dominatrix"
"Amelia Bedilia Likes It Rough"
"Amelia Bedilia and the Unidentifiable Vaginal Discharge"
"Amelia Bedilia Meets Hannibal Lecter"
"Amelia Bedilia Uses Her Tongue Ring"
"Amelia Bedilia Likes Mellissa Ethridge a little TOO Much..."
"Amelia Bedilia Takes it Up the Ass"
"Amelia Bedilia Touches Little Boys and Girls"
"Amelia Bedilia Can Take Twenty Shots of Absolut, Can You?"
"Amelia Bedilia And Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (or Amelia Bedilia's Magical Mystery Tour in Postage Stamp Land)"