If Jerry Bruckheimer, John Woo, and James Cameron collaborated to make an action adventure movie  you could expect to see:

A $900 million budget
57,000 extras
213 massive explosions
230 car chases
191 car crashes
51 suave assassins
2,113,203 people screaming
72 doves
31 religious analogies and metaphors
38 criminal geniuses
The Academy Award for best special effects
3,018 computer generated images
1,117 stunt men
260 shots of guys shooting one automatic pistol in each hand
221 shots of guys diving to the floor while firing one pistol in each hand
The title of the film repeated 106 times during the movie
493 original, unique kill scenes
493 original, unique snappy kill scene catch phrases
601 slow motion sequences
A kick-ass soundtrack
A record breaking opening weekend

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