Fun At Taco Bell 
1.  Order 1 taco.
2.  Pay in pesos.
3.  Order only in Spanish.
4.  Wave your arm back and forth in front of the order box
     (It has an annoying beeping motion detector)
5.  Order two dozen tacos five minutes before closing.
6.  Take about thirty hot sauce packets to your table -- the
     FDA requires they be thrown out if a customer touches
7.  Ask the difference between each taco, then each burrito,
     tostada, etc.
8.  Order as many different tacos as you can (Eg.-no lettuce
     but extra cheese, extra cheese/no lettuce, etc.)
9.  Order a cheeseburger.
10.  Order a "tuna taco" (Think about it)
11.  Order nachos and ask them to hold the cheese.
12.  Demand nutrition on the condiments.
13.  Mix a suicide at the fountain, return it and tell them
     it was the Diet Pepsi.
14.  Put a fifty dollar bill in your taco and announce your
     "find" to the restaurant.
15.  Put a cockroach in your taco and announce your "find"
 to the restaurant.
16.  Ask what spices are used in every food in case you're
17.  Ask whether the beef was grain or graze fed, and no
     matter what they answer, walk out.
18.  Ask a million questions about one food, then order
19.  Order fifty dollars worth of food during the lunch
     rush, and when you get to the window, keep on driving.
20.  Buy a bio-hazard suit and some b.h. bags from a surplus
     store and put some of their food, in full view of the
     other customers, for "further analysis."
21.  Specify drive-thru orders are to go.
22.  Specify drive thru orders are for here.
23.  Order one taco and pay with a fifty.
24.  Order a vegetarian beef burrito.
25.  Order "neutral" sauce.