Addict's Anthem - A tribute (?) to the joys and miseries of smoking. All of us at the Nuthouse are smokers, and invite you to do so, as well. by Paul Serena

Business Days - Debt, poverty, unhappiness... these all lead men to do maddening things. by Robb McKinney

C'mon Get Lucky - An ode to Lucky Strike cigarettes (which, if you read the opening page, is the brand of choice here at the Nuthouse). by Robb McKinney

Christmas Magic - If you've read "Fuck Cupid," this is sort of a Christmas-y version in poetry form. Better-worded, though. by Paul Serena

Cigarettes Are Better (Than Damn Near Everything) - I think Robb's trying to say that cigarettes will kill you. by Robb McKinney

The Day I Got Dumped - We are all bitter. cold individuals here. Lovely, huh? by Robb McKinney

Fat Bitch Ho - Paul is bitter about his ex. by Paul Serena

Fairy's Lament - Cut and paste, and come out to your folks in rhyme! by Robb McKinney

God of the Calendar Island - To work at a calendar "kiosk" is to go insane. Poor Paul. by Paul Serena

Gumby's! - Their pizza sucks, working there sucks... Robb's poem's pretty good, though. by Robb McKInney

Haiku - They're nice and violent, with the occasional touch of sentimentality- no, wait, I lie. They're all sick. Sorry to get your hopes up. by Robb McKinney

Haiku - These are very, very, very violent. Lots of evil things happen to people or objects. And it's all in exactly 17 syllables. by Paul Serena
    The Boy Ain't Right - An analysis of Paul's haiku and other writings. It was actually turned in for my English 102 class at KU- even got an 'A.' by Nick Spacek

Hat Tricks - Is math magik? At 8am... everything is relative. by Paul Serena

He Came For Me On Christmas - Why are Robb's holidays more interesting than everyone elses? It is just so not fair. by Robb McKinney

I Do Not Wish For Fish- At first, I thought it was about fish. Nope. It's about... um, well... pussy. There. I said it. Jesus, I feel dirty. by Tanya Woolery

I'll Take Off My Pants If You Ask Me To - A discussion of how easily manipulated we males are by the female species. by Nick Spacek

Internet Love - A tale of cyber-romance gone wrong. by Nick Spacek

Knocked Her Up, Knocked Her Down - A rusty coathanger isn't the only answer, folks. by Robb McKinney

Ode To the Winged Buffalo - Robb's new job in Virginia is a cook at Buffalo Wild WIngs. Wow. Golly. Lucky lucky man... by Robb McKinney

Pome 4 Gurl - A sweetly written, yet oddly pathetic ode to a girl who doesn't even know what's going on. by Paul Serena

She Was A Good Girl - Again, Paul has issues with his ex. And women in general. Ladies, he's a real catch, I tell ya. by Paul Serena

Smokin' Luckies - It's rap! Inspired by Eminem. And cigarettes. by Robb McKinney

Why Daddy Left Us- Think of it as a companion piece to "Why People Die", only far more bitter, and from personal experience. by Tanya Woolery

Why People Die - It's for the children, really. by Nick Spacek

You, Me and Some THC- A poem devoted to the interesting effects of marijuana. Read and enjoy, maybe even relate. Whatever floats your boat. by Nick Spacek