Internet Love
I got on AOL today
And who should come my way
But a beautiful cyberbunny.
I was typing jokes she thought funny.
She was e-mailing so many LOL’s
That I decided, what the hell?
And asked her for a cyber-date.
She said, “No, let’s fornicate.”
So our relationship, once platonic,
Became one of cybersex erotic.
For many weeks we did couple,
Triple, and quadruple.
But I thought it was getting boring,
plus typing single-handed my arm was soring.
So I asked her just to chat.
Her first question was, “Kay. Are you fat?”
I decided to ditch the conversation
And go back to copulation.
But at times she lacked qualities feminine,
Referring to herslf in the masculine.
Though she always would correct her error,
There grew in me a rising terror.
I was afraid that she was male,
And though at the thought my face did pale,
I faced up to my belief
That I was just in too deep.
Shortly thereafter, I heard a beep
Announcing I had mail.
I truth, I had male
And he was asking me for bail
‘Cause he’d gotten thrown in jail
For defrauding guys like me.
I said no, lock him up and throw away the key.
So now my women I pick by sight,
Paying for them every night.
I have no pride and no shame,
And that fraudulent bastard is to blame.