The Day I Got Dumped

She woke me up, that fateful day,

She told me that she was going away.

The room was cold, my heart was bleak,

She asked me please, not to speak.

She said she’d known for quite a while,

She’d gotten bored, she said with a smile.

And now she’s found a brand new guy,

With a better job, and a better life.

She packed her things, and my stuff too.

She tore up our pictures, and said we were through.

She’d enjoyed my cash, like a fucking whore,

And then she left, and slammed my door.

And now she’s gone, she said goodbye,

She started her car, and then she died.

May this be a lesson, to girls I may date,

Cheat on me, and you’ll meet your fate.

The cops came out, when they got the news,

It was too late, nothing left but her shoes.

I made a car bomb the night before,

I wired it to her brand new Ford.

And now my ex-girlfriend is very much dead,

And I laugh as I picture her giving Satan head.