Why Daddy Left Us

You want to know why?
It's because you always cry
he'd rather be in prison
than stick around and listen
to you crying all the time
he prefers a life of crime.
if you picked up your toys (you rotten little assholes)
and were good little boys
he might come back to stay
instead of always running away
he sends no child support
because I chose not to abort (you're a mistake)
aren't you glad you're alive?
and soon, you'll be five (time to have another)!
oh, the places you'll both access
with your fatherless status (you bastards)
you'll really have it made
supported by Public Aid (why did I keep you?)
and Daddy will stay far, far away
perhaps he'll come back for your 18th birthday
and hire a stripper for his little nipper
but not for your brother
he's the son of another (jerk).
another unwilling daddy was he
and it triggered a criminal spree
especially when he learned the portion
of his paycheck I was to use for an abortion
was instead spent on crack (and black tar heroin).
oh, how my jaw he did smack!
he much preferred jail time (getting raped up the ass) to
being a father to you
now, if you mind your mother
and get along with your brother
and do everything I say (eat your fucking dinner!)
your dad will come back someday (maybe)
with lots and lots of money
I promise you, honey!