Hat Tricks

Any technology
Sufficiently advanced
Is Magic
To beings less advanced

That’s how it seems at 8 am
When alphabetic worlds
And numeric worlds
Become one
And somehow wind up equaling zero
X2 is > or = to the quantity (y-5) times 2
With the occasional “imaginary” (i) number
Floating around with the other numbers
Which were lucky enough to achieve reality

Logs and x’s and parenthetical x’s minus nines
Twist in their alphanumeric orgy
And give birth to their proud offspring:
…Of all things…
All that work for 1

From what bizarre and alien Algebraic Fairyland
(Populated no doubt
By mystical Logarithmic Elves
And elusive Factor Gnomes)
Are these proud new numbers spawned?

The portal between these worlds eludes me
Especially at 8 am
When the only equations that interest me are:
(Chocolate Poptart)2 + Coke = Breakfast
Desk + Head = Nap