The Art of the Mosh- Follow the instructions set forth within, and I guarantee that you will emerge from any mosh pit completely unscathed (not a guarantee). by Nick Spacek
  A Chick's Guide to Moshing- A small bit of follow-up advice for all the ladies who want to jump in the pit. by Nick Spacek and Gina DiSalvo

The Bell Tolls... For Me?- Sean hates the people at his job. We all hate the people who come into where we work. by Sean Brimer

Blair Witch Project Scares 3 Babies, also Morons- This movie was over-hyped, so sayeth these two. And they make one hell of a point... by Robb McKinney and Seth Church

Bread Is On The Rise- Craig works in a bakery, thus he has written an anti-bread manifesto. by Craig Orkwis

Freud On Poppins- As Robb says: "For psychology class, I wrote this paper. I got a really bad grade on it. Oh well. Enjoy." by Robb McKinney

Fuck Cupid- A Valentine's Day gift to all of you lovely people. It's not nice, and very unhappy and evil. I was single and unattached before the Valentine's Day when this was written, so I was entitled to talk bad about this romantic holiday. Enjoy, if you can. If not, just try to relate. by Nick Spacek

A Guide To Understanding the Speech Patterns of the Typical Teenage Female- A glossary and dictionary for all who have difficulty understanding their siblings, or parents in need of interpretation. by Nick Spacek

It's A Conspiracy!- NASA left Kansas off a map showing the tragectory of the space shuttle Columbia's flight path. Craig proves there's a deeper meaning other than blatant stupidity. by Craig Orkwis

Let It Snow- Sure, snow days may be great occasionally (Not that I'd know. Here at KU, they've had 7 snow days since 1973...), but sometimes they're a big fat pain in the ass. by Robb McKinney

On the Road Again... Killing People- Stupid drivers got you pissed off? Read this, and a bright new future in road rage revenge will be opened to you. by Paul Serena

Senseless Ramblings- Rob really had too much free time on his hands here. You wanna know what he thinks on a bunch of things? Click and read on. Robb himself divided all this up and made it to where y'all can go to whatever topic you desire- so if it's messed up, blame him. by Robb McKinney

Strappy Tanks- A rambling, sexist, and indecisive (although funny) essay on the topic of those strappy tank tops. Maybe they're good, maybe they're bad. Either way, you can see cleavage. Make your own decision. by Nick Spacek

Suicide Is Inconvenient- This a very blackly humourous look at suicide. It's not exactly the most PC thing I've ever written. You'll probably get very offended, especially if you didn't like Fuck Cupid. I do not in any way condone suicide. I find it to be "one of the most selfish acts a person can commit," as my dad says. This is my humourous way to show how stupid suicide is. This was even published in the University of Kansas' paper, the University Daily Kansan. by Nick Spacek
     The UDK editors comment by Andy Obermueller and Paul Eakins
   The UDK readers respond- More comments from this article's publication in the Unversity Daily Kansan. It was not received well, to say the least. by the UDK readers

Take Your Guns To School- Yes, once again, we at the Nuthouse feel that no subject is too taboo to discuss. This time, future Columbine-style assassins are given a primer with which to educate themselves. by Paul Serena

A Tarantino World- Why the world should be like the movies of Quentin Tarantino. by Nick Spacek

Vile Snake Women in Classic Literature- An essay Paul wrote for 20th Century Lit. His summation: "In class, we discussed various main ideas, themes, etc in the book "The Great Gatsby".  One of these was the topic of women.  The question was asked:  "What are some topic sentences we could use for this category?"
   'All women cheat a lot!'  I shot out.  It brought a laugh.  Ms. Scott agreed.  All the women in the book were lying, manipulative, and evil.  I liked the idea and made it the topic of my essay.  The peer-evaluated first draft was criticized as being a little flat, so I made it a little nastier and sexist.  I had fun, and even wrote an 'Author's Note' for it. Craig says she put it up on the cupboards where she displays 'A' work.  I am happy." by Paul Serena

The Weather is a Cruel Mistress- Weather here at KU sucks. It tends to change at a moment's notice, making it impossible to know how to dress. This is a way of dealing with it in a meaningless fashion- i.e., bitching. This was also published in the UDK. by Nick Spacek

Welcome to Taco Bell; May I Have Your Order, Cocksucker?- Paul used to work at Taco Hell... er, Bell. He doesn't anymore, but he managed to get his frustrations from the job out in this insightful and educational piece. by Paul Serena

Where Ya Goin' With That Gun In Your Hand?- A discussion of handgun control, and whether or not owning a gun is deviant. by Paul Serena

Whatever Happened To...?- A rumination upon the loss of things that those of us who grew up in the 80s took for granted. by Robb McKinney

Words of Advice- Smart-ass riffs on advice tradtionally given to graduating seniors. by Craig Orkwis