A Chick's Guide to Moshing
1) Wear pants, no skirts. However, if you're looking to let the whole world know you haven't shaved your bikini area in weeks and/or let everyone know you did buy the leopard print thong, go right ahead.

2) Wear a sports bra. Else, everyone gets to find out that, yes indeed, you do rely heavily on the WonderBra.

3) Do not wear a strappy tank top, 'cause if you do... well, kiddo- those aren't exactly the sturdiest of garments. And if you failed to heed rule #2, everyone gets to see the twins shortly thereafter.

4) If crowd surfing be prepared to get felt up: it happens. Don't bitch about it. Come on, admit it- for some girls, it's the closest you're ever getting to third base.

5) No teasing the audience by acting like you're going to flash the band. If you wanna show your boobs, go right ahead. But nobody likes a tease. Please either flash, or keep your shirt on in the first place.

and lastly...

6) Please don't jump into the pit, get hit, and complain to your boyfriend about. We don't like getting our asses kicked by a Mongoloid because you smeared your mascara. It's a dangerous place, with many guys slamming into each other. If you can't see that, then you have a serious vision problem and shouldn't be in the pit in the first place.