Strappy Tanks

     I was at a concert recently, and could not help but notice the proliferation of strappy tank tops amongst the female protion of the audience. I’ve watched this piece of apparel become more and more popular over the past year or so, and I can’t really decide if I like it or not.

     Okay, on the con side, there is the fact that every single girl seems to wear these damn shirts. Granted, they are appealing to look at. However, it’s along the same lines as... well, anything. Too much of anything makes you build up a tolerance, or immunity to it. You drink more, it takes more to get you drunk.

     In this case, it’s to the point that while you look at a girl wearing a strappy tank, you no longer get that (ahem) warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s just another item of clothing.

     Along the lines of every girl wearing these, I just wonder if there is a damn girl on the KU campus who does not wear one tank at least once a week. I mean, really. The other day in my 500 person plus politics class, at least half the girls were wearing one.

     And with each and every girl, I could tell the colour of her bra. That is... tacky. Damn tacky. I mean, there is nothing more fashionable than displaying your undergarments to all of campus. And on those who wore undershirts underneath, I was damn impressed. That’s great- wear a shirt that’s bigger than the overshirt underneath (think it through. It makes sense eventually).

     However, almost all of my friends seem to like them, even though the shirts are unoriginal and look pretty white trash with bra straps displayed. I wonder why? Maybe it has to do with cleavage. This is rather sexist, but it’s true. Guys like boobs, and that’s what strappy tanks display to great advantage.

    Unfortunately, occasionally the girls who wear them either have no cleavage to show off, or too much (Rather, too much girl. Yargh). however, most of the time, they make a girl look damn good.

     Sure, that’s reducing all women to tarts who are trying to show off their goodies, and all men to breast-obsessed Cro-Magnons. But guys like to look at breasts, and girls know that. That’s why the shirts are so popular, even if they are nothing special.