Why We Need a Tarantino World
         I believe we need to have a Tarantino world. Like Quentin Tarantino’s movies, I mean.  In those movies,

everyone is...cool. There are no geeks and no losers. Compare this to the worlds created by other movies, like Mr.

Holland’s Opus, which I think is about a man who owns a small neurotic penguin. The movie is supposed to be

quite uplifting, with many deep and meaningful messages about the triumph of the human spirit. This is nice, I


        But in a Tarantino world...ah, there is no higher purpose than to have long, convoluted conversations on such

interesting  topic as: "What is the true meaning of Madonna’s Like a Virgin?" and "What do they call a

Quarter-Pounder with Cheese in France?"

         Plus, there’s the added bonus of some truly nifty threads. In Reservoir Dogs, every guy wore the same thing:

black suit, black tie, white shirt, shades. Simple, but very chic. Also, white has the added bonus of making blood

show really well, making for some great visuals during gunfights, which are pretty frequent.

         Then, there are the names. In Reservoir Dogs, everyone had a great name like Mr. Blonde or Mr. Pink.

Pulp Fiction’s names are the most interesting, though. These are names that you would laugh at in real life, but

seem to be the epitome of cool in Tarantino’s world. Names like Jules, Vincent, and Marcellus. Nobody in this day

and age would name their kid Jules, but in Tarantino's world, it makes perfect sense. How are you going to be cool

with a name like Bob, anyhow?

         Although this world may seem perfect, it’s not without its drawbacks. There are the frequent gunfights, the

chance someone might stab a syringe into your chest due to your stupidly mistaking heroin for cocaine, and the

high risk of lung cancer down the road- for everyone smokes in a Tarantino world.

         Plus, in a Tarantino world, there is no need to have any knowledge of what’s going on the modern world,

because every conversation has no bearing on modern times. Everyone’s either using Fifties’ or Seventies’ slang

terms. For life in the Tarantino world, knowledge of the Nineties is not required.

         But the cat’s meow, if you will, of a Tarantino world is the music. Every part of your life would be backed by

surf guitar or neato Seventies bubblegum rock.

         A Tarantino world wouldn’t necessarily be healthy or safe, but it would be one hell of a thrill ride while it