Fuck Cupid
        I am going to hunt and kill that goddamned little cherub. I’m sorry to all of you who are currently in lovely relationships with someone who may or may not be your soulmate, but I am currently unattached. So, therefore, I have the right to completely and utterly dump on all of you who are happy. While you all are having romantic, candlelit dinners, then seeing a “date” movie like Good Will Hunting (which I saw all alone on a Saturday night, thanks), I will be hanging around with some other like-minded single guys and getting really stinking drunk. I’ll be miserable on Sunday morning, but then again, I am normally miserable most of the time, so...

        I have a good reason to be in this mood, by the way. It’s none of your business, but feel secure in the fact that this isn’t just an evil rant. There is some logic behind this.

        I just want to deal away with this Hallmark holiday. I mean, honestly, if you love somebody, do you really need a single day to show your love to somebody? I think if you truly care for someone, and aren’t just with them to get laid, you should treat your significant other like a king/queen every fucking day. I just see Valentine’s Day as a big fat waste of time. If I want to show someone I love them, I’ll treat them special and do things for them when they least expect it. Hell, that’s true love- doing things because they’re unexpected and you really mean it. Not because it’s a holiday and the behaviour is expected. I see Valentine’s as a way for guys who aren’t getting any to try and show just once that they’re sensitive and then hope it’ll last until that time next year.  I apologize if you find this to be a cruel and sick sort of ranting. Maybe I am jealous. Maybe I need someone. Maybe not. Maybe I just have the secret to all of love. I doubt that, but it’s always nice to delude myself every so often.