The Weather is a Cruel Mistress
     Okay, maybe it's because I haven't had AC for the past week and a half, but I've begun to really notice how the weather works around campus. We've got some varied weather here at KU. It goes from hot to cold at the drop of a hat.

     Why must Mother Nature continue to mess with our heads? She’s got her evil child, el Nino, working night and day across the nation (which, I’m sure, violates more than a few child labor laws) to screw with our weather patterns.

     El Nino, being a new weather system, takes its time much like any young child. We’ve been hearing about this kid since September of last year, and it’s only now that it finally gets around to bothering us.

     However, now, as we are wanting nice, consistent weather, the bastard child has begun to wreak havok upon the collective psyche of the KU student body:
 The weather starts out cold and gloomy, or cold and sunny, or rainy and gloomy, so on and so forth, and continues that way for several days. Then, as if by magic, it all goes away overnight and the campus awakens to a beautiful (almost cliched) spring day. We all go around, commenting on the lovely weather we’re having and naysaying the forecaster’s predictions for the next day- “Temporary my butt! It can’t go away! He’s only a scientist with years of training and experience. What the hell could he possibly know?”

     Then, the very next day, the evil returns- but bit by bit. It gets a little windy, then the clouds begin to roll in,  with the temperature dropping all the while. Slowly but surely, we go right back to that lousy weather we said couldn’t possibly return.  The weather stays evil for several days, then the pattern repeats. Cunning. So
cunning and evil, that el Nino seems to be a villian that Christopher Walken would play in an instant.

     And it is all the more evil by the wind- the howling, screeching, never-ceasing wind that makes you want to take to the Campanile with a deer rifle- oops. Got a little carried away.

 But the wind is always noticed here at KU. Why? Because we’re on a hill, surrounded by the plains. Wind goes to us like a tornado to a trailer park. It’s like we
have a huge sign saying, “Kick me, blow me away, make it next to impossible to get my cigarette lit.”

     Oh, well. Just remember- el Nino is a child. And kids grow up so fast these days, that soon he’ll stop his rambunctious ways to go sulk in his room, wearing all black, and *really* understanding the lyrics to “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”