Ramblings Link Page
God Bless The Homicidal Maniacs- A look at crime from, well, the criminal's point of view.
God For Sale- A look at religion in society today.  You may be offended, but it'll make you think.
Save the Fruitcakes- Why fruitcakes are good.
Uh...-  Do you hate stupid people?  I do.  Read my spiel on them.
Snippets- Tidbits of brain shit.  Mainly for a cheap laugh.
Rules of the Road for the 21st Century- A must for all offensive drivers.
Things That Should Be Major Felonies- What it says.
My Fave/Most Hated of Things- Again.  Figure it out.  I may have more in common with you than you'd like to admit.
Morning Shows- Do you hate 'em too?
Condoms- Tee-hee.
Teachings- What I would do with a teaching certificate and a room of kids.
Redneck Bumper Stickers- Ya gotta love rednecks.  No, no you don't.  Screw 'em.
Profanity is Beautiful- Nuff said.
My Quotes- They'll scare you, they're so truthful.
Nutritionformation- Nutrition information has gone too far.
On Gays- Probably offensive to some, but deffinately not meant to be.
Cul-De-Sucks- Why cul-de-sacs should all be burned, their inhabitants slain.
Things You Do When You Think No One's Watching- C'mon, we all do it, and yes, that does make it ok.
Virginity- Ponderances (is that a word?) on when exactly is the right time to lose one's virginity.
God's Testing Me. Let Me Look Off You Answers- Religion. Deep and philosophical. Bound to piss some people off.
Oh Baby/Pity My Spouse- Musings on wives and the offspring which they produce.
Women...WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOD THINKING???!!!- Robb got lots of hate mail about this one.
A Credo- To quote the Descendents- "Got up on the wrong side of life this morning... Everything sucks today."