The Adventures of Herb and Wally: A Collaborative Story- As Paul says: " After Craig showed up unexpectedly on Tuesday night, we wound up at the Java Break.  The weather was nice, and we sat outside drinking our coffee.  Well, since we were at Java Break, and I had a notebook with me, the obvious thing to do was write a story.  This always happens at Java Break.  This story runs rather long for only having two people working on it, but it's one of the better ones, being even more abstract and surreal than most." by Craig Orkwis and Paul Serena

A Christmas Story For the Boy Who Has Everything!- Craig and Sean couldn't figure out what to get Paul for Christmas. An offhand comment turned into a joke, and after two hours outside in 16 degree temperatures, it became a reality. story and photos by Sean Brimer, Craig Orkwis, and Nick Spacek

The Easter Story- Ninjas, dead baby chicks, and a lost eyeball. My Easter was spent at work, and I think that's for the best. by Robb McKinney

Greetings from Truthville- This is a nice little compilation of every ex-girlfriend Robb has ever had. Use it yourself, and edit as necessary to make yourself instantly single. Especially brutal, even for Robb. by Robb McKinney

Kittens Don't Bounce- Nope, they don't. A brief instructional primer for pedophiles. by Nick Spacek

The Long Lost Rough Draft of the 10 Commandments- God will be very, very angry when he finds out about this. Robb is going to burn in hell... again. by Robb McKinney

Maddie's Dream- Finally, the first illustrated story. It was done by Craig's niece, based on a dream she had about him. Evidently, this weirdness thing is genetic. by Maddie Watson

My Favorite Holiday- Ah, if only every holiday involved mud wrestling and fat people. by Scott Hagedorn

Oh, God- Why is that if you talk to God, it's called praying, but if God talks to you it's called schizophrenia? by Robb McKinney

Oklahoma, Bound For Mexico- Paul discusses what he can see happening, given the proper circumstances. Much in the same vein as "Shave My Ass..." by Paul Serena

On Jupiter, Earth, Mars and Venus, Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout My Penis- Caleb, originator of the Quoties, brings us a disturbing glimpse at his... well... penis. by Caleb Church

Rosh-a-shana- Another wacky interpretation of a holiday we may not know anything about. by Scott Hagedorn

Secret Government Testing- Psychic horses?!?! What the hell do you people take for headaches? Peyote buttons? Fuck... by Sean Brimer

The Syrup Incident- Ever see Supertroopers? You know that scene with the syrup chugging contest? Craig and Sean did it at Applebee's one night... by Paul Serena

The Tragic Tale of Bill- The very first Nuthouse collaborative story. It's about as weird, pointless, funny, and violent as such a thing would suggest. by Katja Barron, Sean Brimer, Robb McKinney, Craig Orkwis, Paul Serena, Nick Spacek, and Sean gf Diana.

The True History of Ska- I pulled this off the newsgroup many years ago. I thought it was pretty damn funny and forgot to copy the author. It's hilarious if you know some real ska. Not Reel Big Fish or Goldfinger- I'm talkin' Skatalites or Hepcat. author unknown

Vicarious- Problems with parents are just about as old as Christ... by Robb McKinney

Wacky Student Congress Bills- All these bills are fake, but were submitted for discussion in Speech class. They're funny, even if you have no idea what Student Congress is. by Paul and Robb McKinney

Watching Me- The squirrels in the garden at work watch me. I get made fun of an awful lot because of this. Now you all may mock me, as well. by Nick Spacek

Your Door Is Ajar- Hey, do those little fucking voices (not the ones in your head, folks) annoy the hell out of you? If so, please take comfort in the following piece. by Paul Serena