Secret Government Testing

    Well, I don't want to alarm any one but I believe that the government is now running test to find out if horses have psychic abilities. I discovered this right next to my own house this weekend. I arrived home this weekend and I noticed the the neighbor had several new horse in his yard. I didn't think much of this at first but then I noticed that they all had bags around their eyes. Now if this does strike the rest of you as strange then I'm sorry. So there I was sitting at the top of my driveway watching these horses find their way to food, water, and other horse related tasks without the use of their eyes! I drove down and asked my dad what the horses had over their eyes and he said that it was just a fly mask to keep the flies out of their eyes and that in fact they could see. My dad is usually right about these types of things so I didn't think much more about it till the next day.

    The Next day however, I awoke and I saw three white vans parked outside my neighbor's house and about seven men in black suits were carrying around some devices. Then I notice that in front of the of the horses each one had a plastic ball that was hovering in place six feet above the ground. I then noticed that some of the horses themselves were floating above the ground as well. After a few minutes of watching this I noticed that one of the horses was missing.Right about then I heard some one above me shout "Hey you", as I truned around I saw a man in a suit on top of the blindfolded flying horses. He kicked me in the head and I hit the ground hard, the shock from the ground caused me to pass out. Later when I awoke all the government agents were gone and the horses had their eyes uncovered. I thouhgt maybe I dreamed the whole thing but then I saw the Corn Yeti emerge from the feild behind my house and assured me that the government was in fact here that day and they were testing the psychis abiblities of horses.

    I asked the corn yeti why the government would think that horses had psychic powers and he reminded me of the story of pegasa the flying horse and other legends of horse that could fly. It turned out that each culture had its own version of the flying horse story, well with the exception of china becasue they eat horses before they realise their nature abilities. So after a long talk wiht the great corn yeti I decided I should imform you all about this new government cover up. That is right COVER UP. The government has know about the psychic abilities of horses for some time now and they have yet to imform the public. I think that all of you should get your own horses and work on developing their psychic abilities for the forces of good.

    I have got to go now. Be careful, remember that big brother is watching and now he has flying psychic horses.

    Sean... shit I shouldn't have used my real name.. I mean... John Doe.. yeah that will work.