Kittens Don't Bounce

    As I sat in my borrowed panel van today, waiting for young children to wander by, I came to a conclusion, and it's this:

    I much prefer using brightly colored rubber bouncy balls and candy to lure the children into the van. See, the candy can be drugged, which makes it far easier to get them to the shack out in the woods. And the rubber balls can be bounced against the side of the van for amusement during those long hours while school is in session, or on the snowy days when the runaways are at the bus station.

    Kittens used to work rather well, and are still quite good for getting the kiddies into the van, but the only problem is that they only provide a few minutes' worth of amusement by playing with them and some string. After that, you can start bouncing them against the wall of the van for fun, but they only bounce once. Then, it's more of a muffled "thump" and a sorta "slurp" as they slide down the inside of the van.

    That's why candy and rubber bouncy balls are better than kittens. Kittens don't bounce.