Oklahoma, Bound for Mexico...

      Hi guys, I don't have long to talk...I'm in a library in some little town in Oklahoma, and I probably only have a few minutes to send this off before I have to run for it again.

      I've had it with my family, and last night was the last straw.  Mom and I got in a huge fight, and she tried to hit me in the hallway, but I grabbed her arm and shoved her, and she fell down the stairs.  She broke her neck and died, and I split.  Dad was at the store coz there was nothing for the girls' lunches tomorrow (today, I guess...), Anne was with him, and Rachel was already asleep.  There's not a whole lot more to it than that.  I stole the Toyota, and I was going to go to Lawrence, but I figured that's the first place people would look for me.  This is still more or less unreal to me..just real enough to keep me running.  At about three am, I ditched the Toyota and broke into  a mechanic's garage and took another car, which I won't give any details on.  I smashed the guys computer and tore up everything that looked like a log book, and took all the rest of the keys with me, so hopefully it'll be awhile before they figure out which car is gone.

      If you get this, it means I trust you enough not to squeal on me.  As bad as the circumstances are, and the total lack of knowing what's going to happen in the future, I feel weirdly liberated.

      I wanna ask some of you to join me.  I'll email again when I get to San Antonio, where I'm going to lay low for awhile and try to scrape together some more cash.  I swiped my parent's ATM card and cleaned out the savings and checking accounts, and emptied the little amount I had left in mine.  I also got a bunch of loose change and tucked-away birthday money, it's quite a bit, but it ain't gonna last too long.  I also had to leave a lot of my stuff behind, which is another thing I need to touch on...

      Robb or Craig, I left a house key to the back door in the barbecue grill on the deck.  I need my computer and stereo at least.  I expect at least one of you to come join me before I cross the border.  C'mon, this is what we've all been thinking about doing for a long time.  Run away and start over.

      Same goes for Nicko and Sean, you guys have to come.

      Fuck it, everyone who gets this has to come.  Get out, get all the money you can from wherever you have
to, and meet me in San Antonio.  I'll drop another line when I get there and settle in wherever...

      Sarah (Toole), and Craig, I've gotta apologize...I obviously won't be there to pick Sarah up from the airport.  Both of you are more than wlecome in my new life.  Sarah, make Mer come, too.  Pack her in the plane, and leave from Kansas with Craig after you get there on Saturday.

      Okay, guys I have to run...I just wanted to let you all know where I was, and that I'm okay.  Hope to see you all in a while (especially whoever brings my stereo and computer stuff...)

      Laters, and wish me luck!
      Paulo (Or maybe I should get used to Pablo...)  :)