Adventures In Breadmaking- A relatively true dramatization of bakery hijinx. No names changed to protect anyone. story and illustrations by Rob Gillaspie

A Bridge Into the Next Millennium- We jump on the Y2K bandwagon, with this story of misery and derring-do on the eve of the faux-millenium. by Paul Serena

Choose Your Own Nuthouse- As the wife says, it's actually a story with MANY actual plots. Our sick, twisted take on the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books of our youth. by Sean Brimer, Craig Orkwis, Paul Serena, and Nick Spacek

December- I felt very very cold and alone after reading this. by Robb McKinney

Drugs Are Bad- The first time I read this, it seemed very real. It isn't, but Robb's done more than enough drugs to make this story seem quite believable. by Robb McKinney

The Easter Story- Ninjas, dead baby chicks, and a lost eyeball. My Easter was spent at work, and I think that's for the best. by Robb McKinney

Examination- Not really funny... unless you're incredibly sick and twisted. But a very serious depiction of some of the sick shit discussed elsewhere on this site. by Paul Serena

A Free Man- Paul writes a sweet story about breaking up with an idiot of a girlfriend and dealing with the stupid ways that we males are maipulated. by Paul Serena

Heaven Takes A Holiday- God is gonna be SOOOOO pissed. Mmm... sacrilicious. by Nick Spacek

Holes- He likes to dig holes. And put things in them. God, it's weird. by Robb McKinney

I Will Write The Best Damn Story About a Duck You've Ever Seen- Good God, this is bizarre. Please do not read this under the influence of drugs. We'll have to tie you to the bed for a few days until the spiders go away. by Robb McKinney

It Vs. Willy- Craig and Paul's collaborative story about a man on the run from a horrible beast bent on killing him. It's funny and violent. Much like everything else on this site. by Craig Orkwis and Paul Serena

Irrefutable Evidence- Some things are not as they appear. A tale of revenge. by Paul Serena

Little Billy Talks About Gravity- Ah, little children and violence. More stories should be like this. by Paul Serena

Motivation- A possibly true story about making sure that there's a reasonable amount of new material for this site. by Paul Serena

The Muffin Man Cometh- Most of you like fairy tales. This is not your typical fairy tale/nursery rhyme. Please keep that in mind as you read it. That is all. by Robb McKinney

New Shoes- Have you ever bought new shoes? Then you can relate- that is, if your new shoes make you want to dance and kill people. by Robb McKinney

A Nice Young Man- Musings on life and death, and the fragility of life- no, seriously. by Robb McKinney

+ Plus You Are. Minus You're Not - - Once again, a rather sober and touching story. What can I say? We're branching out. by Robb McKinney

Solstice- An evening gone horribly, horribly awry. Life is possibly reaffirmed. by Paul Serena

Stuben Goes to the Dentist- Y'know the first Stuben story? This makes that one seem somewhat normal. A remarkable achievement, I think. by Robb McKinney

Stuben Goes To the Drugstore- Drugs... really, I think the Stuben the Duck stories are all influenced by drugs. A sober man should not be able to write this shit. by Robb McKinney

Twine- It's about rabbits. If you like PETA, you might not want to read this. by Nick Spacek

UFOs- How much time passes from when you see the sun to the next? Welcome to the world of Kansas, where the golden orb may not be seen for weeks during the winter. by Robb McKinney

Uncle Earl- May none of your relatives be this odd. Any similarity to anyone you are related to or know is entirely a coincidence. Pointless and funny. by Nick Spacek

Visions- A day at school. Sounds boring, but it's actually really twisted, because his day starts to go horribly wrong, with hallucinations and violence galore. It's also funny, in a dark, evil way. It's long, but it's worth the read. by Paul Serena

Welcome to Kansas- If you live here, or have ever lived here, then you will laugh your ass off at this. Others may not find it as amusing, but it is pretty funny. by Robb McKinney