I have a ball of twine. It’s white, and is about 3 inches across. I like my ball of twine. The ball is my friend. It can tie stuff up, or keep packages from falling apart. Twine’s keen. I bought my twine at a hardware store. The man who sold it to me was really nice. I don’t think he would have sold it to me if he knew what I was going to use it for. Hehehehe. I’m going to use my twine for all sorts of fun stuff. I like to tie stuff up, like bunnies. I don’t like it when my bunnies get loose. Then they run away. Then I’m lonely. So I keep my bunnies tied up really good. Then they can’t get away. But, I forget to feed them sometimes. Then my bunnies die. That makes me sad. And angry, because then I have a dead bunny. Dead bunnies are no fun. But I can always catch new bunnies, ‘cause bunnies are really dumb. I like my bunnies.
Every so often I have to move my bunnies to another tree. You see, I tie my bunnies outside, so’s they can frolic. It’s fun to watch frolicking bunnies. Bu, they don’t frolic very well around other bunnies that have died. So I have to move my bunnies from tree to tree, so they can get away from the smell. I suppose I should use the bunnies that’ve died for fur and stuff, but I heard fur is murder, so I don’t wanna be a murderer. I suppose the bunnies would be more happy to be free, but then I’d be sad and the man at the hardware store wouldn’t sell much twine. I like twine. I buy lots of it all the time.