Little Billy Talks About Gravity
 I like seeing things fall.  It makes me happy.  It’s like magic:  You throw something up into the air and then it comes back down again.  And if you’re up high, and
drop something, it just goes right down faster and faster even though there’s nothing pulling it!  Sometimes I get up on the roof and trow stuff like rocks off and laugh when they hit stuff.  The make dents in almost everything they hit!  One time I dropped a rock on daddy and the rock dented daddy.  It made a big dent in his head, and lots of blood came out.  He fell down on  the driveway and twitched a bit and I laughed.  Daddy’s so silly!  Then he stopped moving and the blood stopped coming out, and the nice men came and put daddy in the ambulamence.  Then daddy got put in a wood box and I haven’t seen daddy in a real long time.  One other time, me and mommy and sister went to a place called Grand Canyon.  It’s a big trench in the ground.  I knew right away it would be fun to drop stuff into it.  I dropped all kinds of things.  They all went down.  I dropped my sisyter’s Barbie doll in and she started screaming and crying.  I knew I was gonna get in trouble.  The a little voice insode said “Billy, drop sister and she’ll be a long way away and mommy won’t hear her cry and you won’t get in trouble!”  So I picked up sister cuz I’m strong and I dropped her!