New Shoes
I got new shoes today.  This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s June, so my mom took me to the shoe store.  The nice man there put my foot in that little metal thing and measured it so my shoes would fit real nice.  Then he got me a pair of shoes.  I liked them.  They were brown and had tassels.  I really liked them a lot.  They were sooooo comfortable.  I took them right away.  My mom paid the nice man and I left the store wearing my new shoes.  Then I knew I was cool because everybody looked at me.  I was struttin’.  When I got home my mom sent me out to play in my new shoes.  I was playing with my ball and I noticed something very distressing.  My shoes squeaked.  Loudly.  I went in and told my mom.  She took me back to the shoe store to return the squeaky shoes, but the clerk said I’d worn them too much and he couldn’t exchange them.  But my mom pushed and nagged until he said okay.  She’s like that.  So he said I could pick out whatever shoes I liked.  I looked at all the wracks of shoes.  That’s when I saw them. The shoes that were for me.  They were blue and red and hot pink with sparkling little rubber patches on the sides.  I loved them.  But the salesman didn’t want to let me have them.  He even tried to hide the box.  But my mom made him give me the shoes, and I
wore them out of the store.  That’s when I realized why the man didn’t want to sell them to me.  My feet began dancing real fast and I couldn’t stop and it hurt real bad.  Then I was struck with the sudden impulse to hurt people.  I kicked my mom and she fell on the ground and I stomped her with my new shoes.  The blood flew all over.  Then I started to chase other people around.  Then the cops caught me and took my shoes away.  Now I have shoes made out of paper.  They are comfortable.  I like my new shoes.