Beverly Hill-Savior- The story of Jesus set to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme. Either sacriligious or an easier way for the kiddies to learn about Christianity. by Robb McKinney

Convict In A Tiny Cell- What if Christina Aguilera was a male inmate in prison? by Robb McKinney

Dick and Jane: The Untold Tales- Tales in which the members of the Nuthouse tell their twisted stories in the style of the highly symplistic Dick and Jane stories used to teach small children to read. by various

Dr. Seuss Kills Tony Abbott- Robb and Paul worked this up in an AOL IM conversation. They're weird, but this is rather funny. On another note- this is not a threat against Tony in any way, shape or form. Just funny hah-ha. by Robb McKinney and Paul Serena

From The Chicago Daily Tribune- *sigh* Now we're doing news parodies? by Robb McKinney

Gumby's!- Man, Robb really hates his job. Boo fucking hoo. by Robb McKinney

The Hitler Club- Rob nails Disney and Nazis in one fell swoop. What better way to mock the mouse, than to use the Fuhrer? by Robb McKinney

I Dumped You For Her- She likes me for me? Naw... and that's why her ass is gone. by Robb McKinney

I Light The Bongs- A resin-soaked parody of Barry Manilow. by Robb McKinney

Men In Drab Clothing- An homage to the X-Files, Men in Black, and other sci-fi. Naturally, it's a parody. Lord forbid there be something serious on this page. by Nick Spacek

My Favorite Debauched Things- I was bet that I couldn't do this by my editor at Synapsis. Craig and I proved him wrong, wrong, wrong. Comes in two versions- local music and depraved. by Craig Orkwis and Nick Spacek

Robby-The-Pooh- One part boredom. One part caffeine. One part weed. One Robb. Mix. Serve. by Robb McKinney

Smoke Crack... On Your Back...- Nick and Paul worked this up one night on AOL IM. More Seussian fun. This time about lack of drugs. by Paul Serena and Nick Spacek

Tumah- Paul's magnum opus. Arnold Schwarzenegger goes around and kills many people. It's really funny, I swear. I even made a movie out of it. The movie sucked, but the story's good, I swear. by Paul Serena

TWA- What the hell is with Robb and his obsession with hip-hop? Or Winnie the Pooh, for that matter? by Robb McKinney

Whiskey Helps- I swear to God, one of these days someobdy's gonna take something on here for real, and we're all gonna get sued. by Robb McKinney