Whoís tha motha fucka up in this place?

Shiat, whoís the motha fucka?

Whoís representiní?

Whoís yo motha fuckiní poppa?

As I bump along in my motha fuckin hood

I survey my piece of tha Hundred Acre Wood.

All these crazy ass bitches doní know who they shankin

So their motha fuckiní poppaís gonna give um a spankiní

Bitch, Iím loaded

I got gís to be proud of

And when Iím trippin on stage

All my homies get fired up

Straight set trippin,

Christopher Robin, who tha pimp?

Who tha pimp?

Iím a Tigga with an attitude.

All these crazy little Pooh Ďhos

Tryiní ta get all of my dough

But they ainít getting none my money

But Iíll give um a taste of my honey.

Iím a Tigga with an attitude.

Tha most wonderful thing about Tiggas

Is Tiggas is motha fuckiní gs.

But the most wonderful fuckiní thing about Tiggas is

Iís the only one.