Beverly Hill-Savior
I’m here to tell a story ‘bout a virgin girl
Who got knocked up by the maker of the world
An angel came from the sky one day
And said “Betcha didn’t know butcha just got laid.”
“By God, that is.

Well, the next thing ya know, Mary’s big and round
When Pilat said “Gotta report to your hometown!”
Said “Taxes are rising and you must pay them,”
So they loaded up the cart and went to Bethlehem.
Jareuselem, that is.
Heavenly stars.

Well, the innkeeper said “We ain’t got nowhere to sleep,”
So Mary and Joe shacked with donkeys and sheep
Then Mary’s water broke and they both shouted “Oy!”
And before you know it they had a baby boy.
Jesus, that is.
King of the Jews.

Closing theme

Well, now it’s time to say good bye to Christ and all His kin
They would like to thank the Hews for crucifyin’ Him
He bled and died and rose again and that’s where the story ends
But on the bright side on a cross He died
To free us from our sins.