Car Moshing- Hurt yourself and others while doing 65 mph down the highway. by various

Collaborative Story-writing- Kill time and be literary all at once. by various

Craig and Nick's Lame-Ass Rejection Game- Craig and your webmaster got bored at Applebee's over X-Mas break, and hence we came up with this way to score your rejections. Rather than try and score, you try to see if you cane get turned down. by Craig Orkwis and Nick Spacek

The Dirty Bad Wrong Gettin' To Know You- The antithesis of all those "getting to know you" e-mails. This is the stuff you really want to know. by Craig Orkwis and Nick Spacek

The Dirty Bad Wrong Gettin' To Know You: Millenium Edition- A much-expanded and more depraved version of the poll you've grown to know and love. By Craig Orkwis, Paul Serena and Nick Spacek

How Fast Can I Get Punched?- Pretty simple, really. by various

Misc. Drinking Games- Fun with booze. Yay! If there's anything we love more than alcohol here at the Nuthouse, it's smoking. If there's anything we love more than that... well, that's when we get into personal/illegal activities. games by various, drinks by Nick Spacek

The Moral Values Test- This is a biggie. Every conceivable question that you could ever think of to gauge your morality. The answers go from very moral, right-wing, Christian, responses to the depraved, left-wing, Satanistic, responses. Print it out with the Score Sheet and see how evil/good you are. by Nick Spacek, Craig Orkwis, Paul Serena, and Robb McKinney

The Moral Values Score Sheet- The complete way to determine your morality. Take the test, score yourself, then cry at your depravity. by Nick Spacek

Pat and Robb's Ballsy Pick-Up Lines- They really work... They are original lines used by Robb's former co-worker Pat and him at the Sandbar. They actually get fairly positive responses. by Robb McKinney

Six Degrees of Shitty Movies- Watch, mock, and laugh. Christopher Lambert, anyone? by various

Vagueness Is Punished- This was started to make Paul tell better stories. Hasn't worked yet, but we're hoping. by various