Craig and Nick's Lame-Ass
Rejection Game

the object
 Each contestant will attempt to amass the most rejections from females.

start date
end date

 +1 point for a rejection
 -1 point for acceptance
 0 points for a maybe

the rules
    1) Common sense applies at all times. No attempts to get an absurd amount of rejections per day, as well as no skewing
the results in the contestant's favor through not bathing, use of foul language, and asking out of females whom the
contestant knows to have a boyfriend.
         a) Exception: Should the female and her boyfriend be "on the outs," asking her out is permitted.

    2) Being asked out by a female is a no score, as there was no conscious effort on the part of the contestant.

    3)  A date is also a no score if it is known to be a "friendly" date or part of a larger group of people.
         a) Exception: Asking a female to a party counts.

    4) There will only be a maximum of 2 points allowed per female  (-2 points, +2 points, or both -1 point and +1 point).

    5) Being denied a dance at either a party or a club counts as +1 point, but acceptance does not count as -1 point.

    6) Should either contestant get a steady girlfriend, the contest shall be declared null and void, to be resumed at a later

    7) All questions regarding the rules shall be subject to discussion between both contestants. Rules are also subject to
change, but only with the assent of both contestants.

in the event of a tie
 The competition shall resume upon the start of classes for the fall semester of 1999 at KU.

the prize
 The "victor" shall be treated out to a night at Applebee's, at the expense of the "loser." All
expenses will be paid, with in reason (no ordering for the whole table or ordering of 8 baskets of mozzarella sticks) as
soon as the "loser" has the money.

the signatures of the contestants
 The undersigned shall abide by all rules listed above.