Misc. Drinking Games

Devil's Advocate - This one's really fun. Every time Keanu's accent changes from Southern to surfer-Keanu, do a drink. The reason it's fun is because the more you drink, the more his accent seems to change.

Star Wars - Every time Luke whines (I.e., "But Biggs and I were going to go to Tashi Station and pick up some converter parts"), take a drink. Yeah, the first part of the movie goes slow, but it picks up at the 1/4 way mark.

Swingers - Take a drink every time you hear the word "baby" or "money." Double shot if used in the same sentence.

And of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't give you a few drinks with which to get hammered. Remember kids, these are Nuthouse exclusives, concocted by Nicko in an alcoholic haze:

Orange Creamsicle
2 shots Stoli Orange
2 shots vanilla syrup
1 can Coke
Pour into glass over ice. Stir. Tastes just like the frozen treat. Damn smooth.

2 shots dark rum
1 shot Absolut citron
1 can Mr. Pibb
Pour into glass over ice. Stir. Tastes like those cheap-ass candies handed out by the gross at Halloween.
A word of advice- do not use Dr. Pepper. Only Mr. Pibb'll work, otherwise it takes like crap.

Of course, the Nuthouse (despite several writings to the contrary) does not endorse binge drinking. We'll join you in a heartbeat, but we're not going to tell you to do it. Use caution when consuming massive quantities of liquor, beer, or any sort of alcohol. And always use a designated driver. Shit, I think my buzz has worn off...