Those "Getting to know you" things got boring, so Craig, Paul, Robb and Nick have
decided that this is much better, as it contains all the stuff you really want to know about
all your friends. Remember, sexual acts don't necessarily mean the traditional definition.
We know that there are those of you in the "V" Club that have done some stuff that's
close enough to actual sex for cricket. All that said, have fun, and be honest. We will be,
and if we're gonna bare out souls, so should you. There's a combination of sexual and
violent stuff on here, as we know some of you are angry about not getting sex.

The Dirty Bad Wrong
Gettin' To Know You:
Millenium Edition






Favorite sexual act/position(s):

Least favorite aspect of sex:

Favorite clothing on the opposite sex:

Least sexy article(s) of clothing on the opposite sex:

Public place you'd most like to do the nasty:

Favorite place you've ever committed a "naughty" act:

Ever been caught in the act?:
   If so, by whom?:

Do you masturbate?:
   If so, how often?:

The first time you saw a member of the opposite sex naked (live, and family members
don't count):

Age of first sexual encounter:

Do you like dirty talk?:

Sexiest thing ever said to you:

Most flattering comment you've ever received:

Guys, after sex- victory dance, cigarette, or sleep?:

Gals, after sex- cuddling, cigarette, or your favorite shower massager?:

Celebrity of the opposite sex you'd most like to see naked:

Favorite dessert topping/condiment for sexual use:

   which do you prefer?:

Favorite pornographic material (short list, please):

Would you watch porn with your significant other?:

Would you pay for sex?
   If yes, then how much?

Would you TAKE money for sex?  If say, He/she was frightfully unattractive?  Or a
member of the same sex as you?:

Would you take 500,000 dollars to never have sex with the person you most want to, if
(s)he was totally willing?:

  How much WOULD it take?

For all you ladies:  Is there any way we can talk a couple of you into a threesome?:

Best musical accompaniment to sex (specific song/artist/album):

Is there any style of music that really turns you on?:

Have you earned your "red wings"? (According to some, this means simply having sex
while she's on the rag, which is what we'll go with here):
   If not, what would it takefor you to?:

Have you earned your "gold wings"? (According to the same member of the group, this is
actually performing oral sex on the female while she is on her period):
   If not, under what circumstances would you actually do it?:

Act of foreplay you most enjoy receiving:

Act of foreplay you're worst at performing:

For the ladies- spit or swallow?:

Guys: Can you undo a bra with your teeth?:

Chicks: Can you undo a belt with your teeth?:

Chicks: Do you own any, um, "devices"?:
   If yes, then what?:
   If not, would you, and what kind?:

Have you ever given/received "road head"?:

Ever done anything at all while actually driving?:

Aspect you hate most about relationships:

Sexual advice you'd most like to give the opposite sex:

Pale or tan?  (Pale, not "pasty”):

Opposite sex:  Shaved or unshaved?:

Favorite piercing on the opposite sex?:

Do you like tattoos?:

Do you prefer your significant others to be tall or short?

Have you ever pretended to be gay in public?
   If yes, then to what extent?

Does the "Friends with Benefits" plan really work ever, in your opinion?:

If it comes down to it, which goes: Friends or relationship?:

Favored form of birth control:

Have you had phone/cyber sex?
   Would you?

Pop or squish?:


Person you'd kill if you had the chance:

Favorite way to cause physical pain:

Favorite way to cause mental pain:

Favorite medieval torture device:

Favorite bladed instrument of death:

Favorite blunt instrument of death:

Most violent thing you've ever done:

Cruelest act ever done to a person you hate:

Physical act you'd most like to perform on the person you hate most:

And finally...
Do you get turned on during a really violent horror flick?:


Favorite controlled substance:

Favorite mixed drink:

Favorite straight drink (beer/brand preference):

Most humiliating thing you've done while under the influence (of whatever, drugwise):