Moral Values Score Sheet
How Moral Are You, Really?

For each A, give yourself 1 point.
For each B, give yourself 2 points.
For each C, give yourself 3 points.
For each D, give yourself 4 points.
For each E, give yourself 5 points.
For each F, give yourself 6 points.
For each G, give yourself 7 points.

Add ‘em up, and locate your score below.

            Perfectly evil:                                          549-605
            Kinda evil, but not totally:                        469-548
            Right on that thin line:                              367-468
            Mostly good, but you ain’t perfect:          235-366
            Damn near perfect. You make me sick:   117-234

549-605- You are evil incarnate. You are feared and reviled by all who
     know you. Your name is spoken in hushed, fearful tones much like
     that of Keyser Soze or Kathy Lee Gifford. Satan will turn Hell over
     to you, because there’s just no way he can ever compete. You are
     just plain sick.

469-548- You are going to Hell, but that’s okay, because you’re sick enough
     that Satan will make you head of Hell’s armies, so that your truly
     warped brain may be put to good use. You’re the sort who tells little
     children Santa doesn’t exist just to see the look of anguish on their

367-468- You are on the boundary. Repent now, or else you will go to hell, where
     you will be forever damned, the flesh being scorched from your bones.
     You’re the sort of person who is very mortal, getting into bar fights
     frequently and smacking your wife, ‘cause the ho don’t know when to stop
     running her yap.

235-366- A fairly good person, with a few flaws. You go to church and pray, but
     weasel out of parking tickets. You have trouble following ALL of the Ten
     Commandments, mostly that one about "thy neighbor’s wife," especially with
     the really hot chick across the street.

117-234- This ain’t normal. You’re Ned Flanders incarnate. You’d live in church if
     you didn’t have to support your family, and if they continue to live in sin,
     you just may have to kill them to save their souls. You pray so often, the
     light’s beginning to hurt your eyes, they’re closed so much.

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