Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 56


You race out to the boat dock and jump abroad the old sea titan. If fact you put your foot through the deck. Maybe you should be more careful when saving your friends from the firing hell that they are in, God. Jackass. Seriously do you think we should even go on with this? You have already cost needed seconds pulling your clumsy size 12 out of the deck. You know I defended you all the years that your friends said that you couldnít do anything right, but you know what? They were right. I canít believe that their faith is left in your hands this is such a waste of time.

            You know what forget! Thatís right you donít get to save your friends! You donít pass go and collect $200. If fact the only thing that you get is swift kick in the ass. Oh and the crappy ends thatís right you donít even make it you the real ending. All that work for nothing because you suck so much, you, my friend get the crappy ďIt was all a dreamĒ ending for your total lack of competence.

            Next time you do this I suggest that you DONíT SUCK. Good day to you sir!