Choose Your Own Nuthouse

Section 9


            As much fun as the Pit of Insufferable Misery sounds, and really, you aren’t just saying that, Lake Doomhole is just so pretty this time of year.  Oh yeah, and there are quite a few coeds with loose morals who need attending to.

            You continue driving, ignoring all signs for the Pit of Insufferable Misery, and finally reach the entrance to Lake Doomhole.

            You can see the lake in the distance but the road splits off into three directions.  The road on the left appears to head to a lodge situated in front of a bunch of cabins used for summer camps.  The road straight ahead leads directly to the lake.  The road to the right leads off in the Deep Dark Woods.

            Where would your friends be?  They could be in the cabins frolicking in irresponsible comfort.  They could be down by the lake for a little late night irresponsibly naked swimming.  Or they could be off in the Deep Dark Woods.  You aren’t too sure about that last one, it would just be irresponsible.

        Do you:

        Take the left hand path to the cabins – 24

        Keep going straight ahead to the lake – 25

        Take the right hand path to the Deep Dark Woods – 26