Choose Your Own Nuthouse
Section 25

	You continue on down the road to the lake, humming to yourself as you drive. You'd turn on the radio again, but you have a sneaking suspicion that the voices will
be on again, and you're just not that into death metal.
        As you drive, you begin to notice odd things about the scenery. As you slow your drive to a crawl, you begin to see things - like, all the trees have somehow
managed to develop evil faces and limbs that look like arms and hands. Also, the sky seems to have turned blood red. And was the road always paved with the souls of
the damned?
               You shrug and resume your normal speed, humming a bit louder to tune out the shrieking of lost souls as you drive over them.
               After a bit, you pull up at wonderful Lake Doomhole. Picturesque Lake Doomhole. Good ol' Lake Doomhole, full of boiling blood... say what now?!?! You
do a double-take and notice that the lake, normally full of laughing, splashing, happy people during the day is this night full of screaming, thrashing, skin-melting-off-of-
their-bodies-in-blinding-agony people.
               Oh, no! Those people appear to be your friends! Oh, no! That means they might die! Oh, no! That means you definitely won't be getting any tonight! You
resolve to save your friends.
        Do you:
	Look for some rope  54
	Dive in, disregarding your own personal safety  55
	Use that big ol' boat sitting right there at the dock  56