Katja Barron
    Drug use- Smoker, drinker.
    Website position- Photography and art.
    Mental state- Mentally deficient (for having dated Nick)
    Employment- ?.
    aka- the Token Female.
Sean Brimer
    Drug use- Occ. smoker, occ. drinker.
    Relation to website- Friend to all.
    Mental state- Strong.
    Employment- bio-something-or-other, Biomune.
    aka- Big Cuddly Ogre.
Robb McKinney
    Drug use- Chain-smoker, drinker.
    Website position- Writer.
    Mental state- Delusions of grandeur
    Employment- manager, Pizzeria Uno.
    aka- Godd.
Craig Orkwis
    Drug use- Chain-smoker, non-drinker.
    Website position- Writer.
    Mental State- Manic.
    Employment- accountant, CCA.
    aka- Craig.
Paul Serena
    Drug use- Chain-smoker, drinker.
    Website position- Writer.
    Mental state- Positively barking insane.
    Employment- baker, Price Chopper.
    aka- Trollboy
Nick Spacek
    Drug use- Chain-smoker, drinker.
    Website position- Webmaster, writer, graphics.
    Mental state- Mentally deficient (just in general)
    Employment- baker, Great Harvest Bread Co.
    aka- Nicko.
Tanya Spacek
    Drug use- Clove smoker, occ. drinker.
    Website position- occ. writer.
    Mental status- Retarded (for dating Nick longer than anyone, ever, to say nothing of marrying him).
    Employment- receptionist.
    aka- the Lucky Nun.

Sarah Toole
    Drug use- Non-smoker, non-drinker.
    Website position- occ. writer, occ. art.
    Mental status- Depressive.
    Employment- nada.
    aka- Shorty.
Chelsea Toy
    Drug use- Non-smoker, social drinker.
    Website position- occ. art.
    Mental status- Cheery.
    Employment- nada.
    aka- Brimer's Toy.