Wassup, niggas? I’m shoutin’ out to you from the ______________. Let me tell you what kinda’ drama be frontin’ itself in my life. Get this, right? The other day I was __________ with my girl when she tells me that she has been doin’ a little somethin’ somethin’ with one of my _______________.

Then I shouted "What ____________! You two timin’ _______________."

Then she was like "But I stills in love with ya’"  So I tell her that I ain't goin’ to be played like no punk bitch. So I tell her we’re done.

So you know what that frontin’ ___________ does? She up’s and runs to ______________ to get with one of my posse. Then she tells me that ____________ will be happen’ between them like I’m going to believe that.

Who does she be think I’m _______________? Other than my girl tryin’ to _______ me like my name is Sega , my life is rollin’ with the ____________. My fam is _________. My homies are ___________. With them and the good __________ I will get through this time in my life. Well peace all, I’m out.

1. Noun __________________________________
2. Verb  __________________________________
3. Noun __________________________________
4. Pronoun________________________________
5. Adjective________________________________
6. Pronoun________________________________
7. Location ________________________________
8. Verb ___________________________________
9. Famous Person ___________________________
10. Verb____________________________________
11. Plural Noun______________________________
12. Adjective________________________________
13. Adjective________________________________
14. Noun___________________________________