the Washdown - "Yes To Everything"
Lookout Records

The Washdown's album, Yes To Everything, is part of that current brand of punk that veers closer to old-school garage rock than it does to the musical movement of 1977. Dance punk? That's what they're calling this now, I think. The Blood Brothers did a very good thing when they took punk and made it all right to dance.

Anyhow, yes- this is some serious boogie-down music. It's not mosh-worthy, there's no swing your arms through the pit style breakdowns, and the people who are going to be into this disc are more apt to have shaggy locks than a mohawk.

Yes To Everything is good stuff, though. It's not like punk has to skew to some sort of verse-chorus-verse anthem template. Television's considered punk, as are the Talking Heads, and that's where the Washdown's coming from. They're just rock enough for fans of the White Stripes and the Strokes, but punk enough to where they could open for the Bouncing Souls.

Fans of Hot Hot Heat, the Agenda, the Blood Brothers, et al, will love the hell out of this album. It's catchy, you can dance to it, and it's just abrasive enough in the vocal area to appeal to people who still feel a need to piss off their parents. It's called a crossover, kids.