the Touchdowns - "Rock"
Independent release

Rock is just as much fun as the Touchdowns’ last EP, Rookie Phenom, but is much more light-hearted and upbeat. Where the last EP was a bit quiet, Rock is loud and rollicking. The second track, "Drunk and Loaded," is a prime example of what this EP is all about.

"Cowboys" is far from sentimental. Instead, it is yet again a perfect example of what the Touchdowns do best: a satirical, humorous jab at what ails them. "Rap" is humorous in its mockery and odd take on the stereotypical 'urban rythm'.

From beginning to end, this disc just takes the whole verse-chorus-verse song structure and madly runs with it, turning this EP into a parody of the typical rock song stylings. It’s incredibly enjoyable, in a wonderfully low-brow way, and provides a look at how the Touchdowns have matured - if only musically. I can only hope their first full-length record, due out this winter, is as much fun as Rock.