the Special Goodness - "Land, Air, Sea"
Epitaph Records

Ah, the Special Goodness. Pat Wilson from Weezer's side project. Sometimes, when a band's drummer goes out, it can be good. See the Foo Fighters. Other times, it can be bad. See Phil Collins.

The Special Goodness falls somewhere between the good and the bad. The name of the band lends itself to all sorts of easily-made puns about the "Horrible Badness," but Land, Air, Sea isn't all that miserable to listen to. The album is just all sorts of mediocre.

Sounds a lot like the band is just a tiny step above your average college-rock band playing open mic night. Nothing stands out that makes you want to head up front by the stage, but you're not gonna down your drink and walk out, either. It's just mellow indie-rock that borrows liberally from Pavement. While not being exceptionally clever, it's still pleasant enough background music.

Which really sucks, because on "Inside Your Heart" the band actually brings the rock. It's energetic, killer, stuff. Unfortunately, it only goes to show what the rest of Land, Air, Sea could have been. Shame, really... but it does lend an air of hope to the possibility of a better second record.