the Shakedowns - "On"
VMS Records

The Shakedowns are the best goddamn rock and roll band playing right now. If everything was right in this world, the Strokes and the White Stripes would be opening for these guys.

On is one of those albums that showed up in my mailbox, with me having not the slightest clue as to what I'd be listening to. I figured that since it was from VMS Records, it'd be punkish- and it is. However, it's also down and dirty rock and roll that you can sing along and dance to. Just thinking about this album makes me want to get so drunk off whiskey and beer that I end up trying to strip down to my boxers and dance around my apartment.

The Shakedowns have a two-disc set, here. The first disc is their first album, On, as well as their first demo, Rock N Roll Makes Me Sick. The second disc is four songs from their next album, as well as three videos.

Really, though, two discs aside, this whole thing is about On. This is where the band fucking shines. "Baby You So Mean" starts out as a stompin' rock tune, and then in the middle, segues into Link Wray's "Chicken Run" in a way that seems as natural as cigarettes and coffee. "Can't Give Up This Love" is, of course, a love song... but it still fucking rocks!

Dammit. I'm tired about writing about this. I just want to listen to it for like, the fiftieth time since it showed up here. Go buy a copy. You'll have a reason to live again.