the Primetime Heroes - "A Date With Destiny"
Noisome Records

Come on, admit it... you like pop punk. Whether it's Green Day, Goldfinger, MxPx, or anyone on Drive-Thru, you like 'em. There's something about the ability to simultaneously rock out and sing along that makes you happy in a way you're unable to describe. You don't want to admit it to anyone, because it puts you in a group with fifteen year old girls who shop at Hot Topic.

But, really- it's ok to like pop punk. I do. The Primetime Heroes do, too. They play some of the catchiest goddamn pop music since Cheap Trick. They combine punk guitars and fast drum beats with catchy lyrics to make songs that you can hum while you're driving down the highway at 75 miles an hour.

Granted, this isn't breaking new ground. Pop punk probably hit the "I've never heard something like this before" barrier about 10 years ago. However, A Date With Destiny rises above the usual crapola with some novel concepts. The Heroes take the idea of a love song, and add an extra spin by taking the plot from Say Anything and setting it to music with "Friends With Potential."

The production on A Date With Destiny is big and loud. It sounds less like a punk album and more like a big rock record, thanks to the amazing skills of Mr. Ed Rose. Jory Valyer's drums and Tim Schultz's bass boom, Rusty Wiley and Colin MacMillan's guitars crank up the amps, and the vocals all fit in, rather than sounding like they got dropped in.

Buy the record, and for once, tell your friends what you're getting, so they can join in the fun. This isn't a record to keep as a guilty pleasure- it's one to share.