the Hurt Process - "Drive By Monologue"
Victory Records

Lately, I've grown rather tired of the metalcore/emocore genre. The alternating of sung vocals with the screaming has started to get rather old. Buzzsaw guitars and all, it's become a rather staid form of music that sticks to a certain formula. This is pretty sad for a genre that had such potential when it first started popping up.

That being said, it seems that the Hurt Process has managed to breathe some fresh air into the genre. The lyrics don't break much new ground, nor do the vocals stylings, but the band has manged to create music that sounds as if they've paid attention to what's worked and what hasn't. This means owing a heavy debt to Helmet, the Deftones, and Quicksand, but also means they manage to avoid sounding like another Poison the Well knockoff clone.

The Hurt Process does a damn good job of busting out some sick riffs. "White Butterflies" has enough breakdowns to make even the most fit of kids in the pit take a breather. "Come Home" is close enough to Helmet's "Unsung" to merit comparisons, but stands alone on its own merits. Bass, guitar, and drums are what really carry this record, and they do it well enough to ignore lyrics like "drowning in the sunlight."

This isn't actually a new release. Victory is rereleasing this from a UK release back in October of last year. It's kind of weird to hear what's probably one of the hottest sounds in music coming from a land that's most recently been known for its championing of garage rock.