the Gadjits - "Yes I Are"
VMS Records

This little 6 song EP from Kansas City band the Gadjits may have fans who haven't heard them in a while shaking their heads in disbelief. The ska-punk sounds of "Gangster Girl" that were slowly shed over the course of their two albums for Hell Cat Records are now officially out of the picture. The sound of the Gadjits is now more of an (International) Noise Conspiracy type sound, somewhat like Lawrence band the Hefners. It's danceable soul, with a distinct mod flavor.

The whole Yes I Are EP has some of the most excellent song-to-song flow I've heard in ages. It starts off with the very relaxed reggae-soul-mod tune "Act Like You Remember" and thn proceeds to move to the way more upbeat "All the Girls." The next three songs are very low-key, calm total soul numbers, with more of a focus on the keyboards of Hilary Allen than guitar riffs and drumbeats.

This isn't to say that the band isn't cohesive. The addition of Mike Alexander on second guitar has done a lot to fill out the Gadjits' sound. Hilary Allen's keys are beautiful, and Zach and Adam's rhythm section hold everything down with a kicking backbeat.

However, it's on the hip-wriggling closer "All the Way" that the whole band gets together and serves up a song that simultaneously brings to mind the rock-blues of AC/DC's "Riff Raff" and the scorching soul of Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness." One can't help but heed the call of "c'mon, c'mon" and bop around the living room to this tune.

The whole EP is available from VMS Records and the Gadjits themselves. Do Brandon, Adam, Zach, Hilary, and Mike a favor and pick this one up.