the Casualties - "On the Front Line"
SideOne Dummy Records

NYC's the Casualties' new album On the Front Line comes out next month on February 17. This is good news for punk fans. And, by punk fans, I mean the kids who listen to the old-school hard-ass music like Agnostic Front, 7 Seconds, Youth Brigade, the Exploited, Crass, et al.

This is political music, made to make you angry and mad at how the world has brought us all to a low level where we're getting fucked by the government. At least, that's what I was able to gather. I didn't get lyrics with the promo copy.

Unfortunately, the damn album sounds like it's the same song 13 times. It's your basic youth crew fist pumping anthems, good for screaming along to at a show, especially on the last minute of "Tomorrow Belongs to Us." I mean, the guitar riffs are good, and the screaming rocks, but it's a bit tedious. Better than what mall-pop with spikes that's passed off as punk these days, but it's not something that's going to see regular rotation in my cd player.