the Brannock Device - "The Turtle Has Got It Made"
Phantom Limb Records

Kansas City's the Brannock Device took roughly four years between Where The Hell Is Johnnyy Vic? and this, their newest release. Thankfully, rather than getting another EP, we get their first full-length. And it contains such setlist staples as "Dowsers", "John Henry's Hammer", and my personal favorite, "One Heck of a Shortcut."

"One Heck of a Shortcut" (as most of the Brannock Device's tune are) is a somewhat spazzy blues rock number that sounds as if it was stolen from an unreleased John Waters soundtrack. The following track, "Collector 1198" seems to be a unholy union between the Dead Milkmen and a blues bar band.

Frankly, I'm at a loss to describe the band. their website sums it up best, I think, saying that they are "rock and/or roll." It's about the best words are ever going to get with this act. Frankly, while the cd is good, it falls into that horrible "their live show is SO much better" category. Still, an essential disc for fans of the band.