Unknown Stuntman - "Anger Management"

Self-described as "old-school punk rock," Unknown Stuntman plays exactly what they bill. It's punk fucking ROCK, not pop punk, not emo, not screamo, not hardcore... just stripped down, balls-out, no frills punk rock. And it's good.

Unknown Stuntman features Aaron from mi6 on bass, Travis from Kelly's Heroes on drums, Jeremy from Jiffy Boy and Sense of Self on guitar and Nick from Speed Dog Champion on vocals. That's pretty much the cream of the crop when it comes to local punk rockers.

"Anger Management" was recorded in the band's practice space, but the quality kicks it up a couple of notches above your usual demos. Everything comes through clearly, and nothing's echo-y or horribly distorted. The low-budget recording quality actually adds to the band's sound, making this sound just like an old-school punk album from back in the day.

Normally, a seven song EP with two covers would have me mildly pissed off. But given that one is the song that gave the band its name ("Unknown Stuntman", by the one and only Lee Majors) and the other being the old Jiffy Boy tune "Red Dick", I can't find any fault with their choices. The only thing wrong with "Anger Management" is that they didn't record "Porno Attraction", an ode to a former Replay bartender that's probably their best song.